About us

Animal Aeroacoustics Lab

Principal Investigator: Christopher J. Clark

About Us

We study of the sounds animals make, when they fly. We study both the sounds birds make during courtship displays (and much of this work is on hummingbirds).  We also study quiet flight of owls, nightbirds, certain hawks, and certain kestrels. Our work integrates the fields of flight biomechanics, animal behavior and physical bioacoustics. 

Graduate students in the Animal Aeroacoustics lab have generally studied hummingbirds or quiet flight, but their research has not been limited to wings making sounds.  For example, lab alumnae Dr. Katherine Johnson studied song learning in Costa's Hummingbird. 


The lab welcomes incoming graduate student Mary Tucker (fall 2023), and apologizes that the 'news' tab was silent between 2017-2023 (many good things happened).