Hybrid Hummingbirds- 09/20/2019

Brian Myers has published the first chapter of his dissertation, describing the Allen's x Rufous Hybrid zone.  The first manuscript of many on this NSF-funded project!

Johnson Dissertation
- 09/12/2019

Dr. Katherine Johnson defended her dissertation on song learning in Costa's Hummingbird back in June, and has just filed.  Congrats Dr. Katie!  She is off to bigger and better things as a faculty member at Riverside Community College.

Several papers in 2018- 01/01/2019

Several papers came out while this news feed was on Hiatus.  See the publications tab.

Undergrad award - 09/01/2019

Undergraduate Lilly Hollingsworth won first place in the Genesis Award competition at Animal Behavior Society Meeting.  Congratulations Lilly! Her poster was on the mating system of Allen's Hummingbirds on the UCR campus.

Bee wing paper
- 09/01/2017

Our paper on honeybee wing resonance frequencies came out in JEB a few weeks ago.  A PDF is available under the publications tab.

National Geographic - 09/01/2017

Anand Varma and Brendan Borrell's article on hummingbirds came out in the July 2017 Nat geo.   Check out the amazing videos-- they show a stylized version of our wind tunnel, among other things

Grad students win awards - 04/07/2017

Congrats to Ayala Berger and Katie Johnson for winning awards from the Animal Behavior Society to support their research: Ayala to study hearing, and Katie to study song learning.  Also congratulations to Krista Le Piane for receiving an NSF GRFP award to support her while she studies owl flight!

Allen's Hummingbird range expansion paper - 01/31/2017

We have a paper on the sedentary subspecies of Allen's Hummingbird and its range expansion in Southern California.  Paper is in press at The Condor: Ornithological Applications

NSF grant - 01/31/2017

We learned a few days ago that the NSF (Animal Behavior) wants to fund our project  "Admixture mapping of a hybrid zone to test Tinbergen's emancipation hypothesis"  Co-PIs are Alan Brelsford (UCR) and Kevin Burns (SDSU).  Thank you NSF, and we are so excited to do this project!

Review on Locomotion-induced Sounds - 05/05/2016

Our new review on Locomotion-induced sounds is finally out, published in SHAR (Springer Handbook of Acoustics Research).  

Broadbill paper is out - 04/07/2016

It has received press from the New York Times, Smithsonian,  Audubon, Science Daily, Science Magazine, and I think a couple media outlets in Europe that I can't find with an English google search (if you have a link please email me).  A PDF will be posted on the publications page soon.

Welcome Ayala Berger - 04/08/2016

Ayala Berger will be joining our lab through the UCR EEOB graduate program this fall. She did her undergraduate with Gail Patricelli at UC Davis.  Welcome Ayala!

New paper - 2/25/2016

We have a new paper in press, on Broadbills (Smithornis). It comes out on Mar 30 in the Journal of Experimental Biology. New videos have been posted to youtube (Gallery)